Thursday, December 30, 2010

jingle's 2 thousand 10

The last few years have been good to me, mostly. I’ve found stability and peace and the only thing that I bitch about nowadays is my university and the weather. Though, each year there’s this one bad incident that has to stand out like a giant fucking sore thumb. Much like the past few years, most of this year has been good (sort of) but that one bad incident? Well, I think I’ve lost 90% of my music.

Every form of death, black and doom metal, not to mention a bunch of indie, post-rock and other bullshit, all gone. Yeah so, almost 8 years of collecting material from various genres, all down the fucking pooper because my portable hard disk decided to die on me a few days ago and now I’m left with whatever I had on my laptop and PC (which isn’t much). Oh and today I just found out that my iPod got into the washing machine accidentally and now that’s gone too. But enough with all this negativity, time for us to look at 15 fantastic albums that I had the privilege of listening to this year.

A ritualistic, apocalyptic and hallucinogenic wall of ambient noise with some shrieks thrown in, creating a horrific atmosphere perfect for late night listening with the lights off. Definitely, one of the most interesting things I’ve heard this year.

The Australian death metal scene has been thriving and it seems like some of that awesome kangaroo juice has spilled over to their kiwi neighbors. To confirm this statement we have two highly promising releases from Witchrist and Diocletian this year. Diocletian barely missed the cut for my top 15 but these guys get in because of the sheer amount of non-stop crush that they display over the 40 minute duration of the album.

A humble return to the music scene for these guys featuring a more straightforward and accessible approach but even so it’s still difficult to properly pin down their sound so I’m not going to waste my time writing nonsense but I am going to say that this is massive and beautiful (and no, not like some cock you fucking pervs).

These stoner/doom big boys returned this year with another slab of marijuana music featuring a high dose of spacey psychedelia and some borrowed elements from Neurosis’ post-metal domain. Listening to this when you’re inebriated or baked makes you feel like you’re floating in a bubble that’s on its way to mars or some shit idk get high and find out for yourself fool.

Like Witchrist, I love this because of the filthy sound, crushing doom/death riffs and the overall intensity that makes me wonder why this didn’t blast a hole through my fucking face.

The soothing, serene and beautiful nature present on this folk/indie release makes it my relaxation album for 2010. After you run around a putrid little wasteland like Dhaka for the entire day, coming home and listening to this washes away all the filth.

The one shining light in the poor little metal scene we have here in this country. This splendid Ep features some of the best bass work I’ve heard all year, a bunch of the beastliest riffs ever to come out of Asia and an overall sound that’s just the perfect sort of filthy that you expect from most death metal, all in all making this a supreme death/thrash release that shouldn’t go unnoticed by anyone this year.

Probably not something for the usual S4D crowd because this has prog melodies, clean vocals, catchy riffs and other such material that would make most seasoned black metal elitists cringe but these guys were one of the first black metal bands I actually liked and after all these years they’re still releasing original and interesting material so they get a spot on here, big woop.

TING TING TING TING is all you’ll hear on the first few listens but as you get used to the overbearing snare, you get to slowly uncover the bucket loads of glorious riffing and then this all you want to listen to for the next day or two.

This band features members of Deathchain and of course, the almighty Demilich so going into this you’d expect some great riffs and that’s what you’ll get. As a bonus you also get to hear some of those classic Demilich burp vocals. So it’s like dun dun BURP BURP dunnunun.

I’m with Frank on this one, initially this felt lazy and boring but as I warmed up to it I realized that though it’s not as good as the superb Funeral it’s still a good deal better than Neon Bible.

I started to listen to both this and Microcastle around the same time and I still don’t know which one I like better but the shoe-gazey, relaxing pastures of this album make it the ideal stoner album for 2010.

This for me is the finest death metal release from this year and it’s also the best thing I’ve heard from these guys since Close to a World Below.

No other metal album from this year touches the sheer ingenuity and malevolence of this release. It’s the most accessible album in the trilogy but it’s also the perfect amalgamation of the ideas that were featured on their past releases making it an absolute mind-fuck of a black metal whirlwind to listen to.

Better than Boxer and on par with Alligator, I adore this album because of a simple enough reason: I’ve listened to it more than any other album this year and it has yet to wear out on me. It’s because of this immense replay value that it remains the crown on top of my 2010 list.

Well then, it’s been a great year for music for sure, too bad my dumb luck had to scar my 2010 but there’s no use crying over split chocolate milk so I’m going to drown myself in a pool of alcohol come New Year’s Eve and look at 2011 with renewed hungover hope that maybe I’ll be able to recover most of what I’ve lost by the end of twenty 11. Oh and a Happy fucking New Year to all!

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“You were seeking strength, justice, splendor! You were seeking love!
Here is the pit, here is your pit! Its name is SILENCE…”


  1. After one listen I'm pretty sure the new Mitochondrion would have made it into my top 15 so it's probably somewhere around the Adversarial album on the list.

    Oh and download links are in the titles. Cheers bitches.

  2. oh, fuck dude, that sucks! the thought of that happening to me almost brings me to tears. great list!

  3. fuck that shit man. hope you invent magic and get it all back.

  4. this is why we should buy as much music as we can fuck i can't even buy music goddamn shithole

  5. You did not put That National as number one. You did naaaaaaaawt. I love you.

  6. Leave your home
    Change your name
    Live alone
    Eat your cakeeee