Friday, October 14, 2011

Slays for Days Issue #2

The second issue of S4D is complete - I have approximately 25 copies sitting next to me, left over from the gig I was selling them at last night. I mentioned before that Jeroen of Antediluvian was designing the cover, and you can see his work above. I've got to say, it looks fucking fantastic. I've even printed off extra copies of the design on separate sheets, to be sent out along with the zine. I'll be printing the rest of the copies later this week - as it stands, I'm aiming for a press of 150 copies, though that might extend to 200 depending on how quickly they go. I still have people asking me for copies of #1, so I'm hoping to keep some stock for at least a while. Anyway, information on the content can be read on the zine's page.


  1. Hey, was wondering if the God Destroyer will come on a cd by any chance?

  2. no plans as of yet, but that's not ruling it out either

    you can download most (if not all) of their material from zeronoize (there's a link in the side column)