Thursday, December 8, 2011

Craig Colorusso - Sun Boxes

Sun Boxes is a 7" comprising of two reasonably short field recordings. The catch is that these recordings were done through solar panels, which give off ambient texture depending on the amount and consistency of its input. I've chosen not to speak at length about this record, but to simply say that not only is the concept behind it excellent, the music itself is absolutely exceptional. Soothing tones that warp and pulse to the rhythm of something we cannot see and can barely feel.




  1. this sounds awesome, but my computer wont recognize the downloaded file. what formatting did you use?

  2. just bought it on his bandcamp. its only 2 bucks

  3. I just got the link from another blog. I downloaded it to see if I could figure out - I just unzipped it as usual, and while I didn't recognise the file type, both Windows Media Player and iTunes were able to play it.