Sunday, April 29, 2012

Assimilation Debut Show

...was a smashing success if i do say so myself. A departure from the structured song-based material of the debut CD on S4D records, Assimilation utilized several drones, loops, and a hand-made analog synth to create one long, ephemeral, and constantly shifting set. For those of you who weren't at the show at the Ream in Bloomington on Saturday night, below is a video clip of the performance.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assimilation Album Launch

Assimilation is performing its first show this Saturday night, which will also be its 'album launch'. If you're located anywhere near Bloomington, Indiana, definitely hit it up. Entry is $5 donation, plus there will be a number of Assimilation cdrs available as well as a few copies each of all currently available S4D releases.

Here's the facebook event with more info.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Marrow & Soot - Hearth

Weird noise and downtempo come together in this highly experimental record by Marrow & Soot, resulting in an eclectic mixture of pure sound manipulation and a more palatable brand of rhythm.

While it might be cliched to say, Hearth does indeed 'transcend' genres, with the only real applicable and consistent descriptor being 'experimental'. There are a lot of different soundscapes and moods displayed throughout the record, ranging from dark ambient-esque claustrophobia '(Just a Cough') to minimal synth ('Hide All Promises'), but it all manages to come together quite well.

In some respects one could view Hearth as a trial record, with Marrow & Soot exploring different sounds and styles in an attempt to discover their own; in the same way though, one could see the record as a mish-mash of varying styles uniting under the one conceptual theme. While the atmosphere of the album is not always consistent, I feel that there is some level of cohesion to the tracks and that the artist intended to convey this multidimensional approach to electronic music.

It's simply a matter of my own preference, but I feel that Marrow & Soot are best when they employ a sense of solemnity and emotion, such as on 'Often Alone' or the aforementioned 'Hide All Promises'. The latter track in particular is very well done and reminds me a lot of Martial Canterel's newer material. A venture down this compositional path might be a good thing for Marrow & Soot.

Hearth has so far only seen a digital release, which while unfortunate will hopefully garner interest and result in a physical pressing. Marrow & Soot is a newcomer to experimental 'scene' as a whole, but they show remarkable promise on this record and will hopefully continue with the project.

free download and stream at bandcamp

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Distro Tapes

Sky Stadium 'Ancient' C20
Ultra Bonbon 'Tape Hiss Abyss' C30

Released on Lava Church Records. Only three copies of each, get them before they're gone.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tempest - Solace EP

Some of you may remember my review of Tempest's debut LP Passages from last year - this record was an instant hit for me and it still gets a regular workout on my turntable - it just has that little something that keeps me coming back. I can't quite decide whether it's simply because I go nuts for the overall sound Tempest have achieved, or whether it's because Passages itself is immaculately composed, but I have no qualms in heaping mounds of praise upon the LP.

With Passages still fresh in my listening rotation, Tempest have followed it up with another release in the form of the Solace EP. The record contains a single song, broken up into two parts. What was so good about Passages is evident here too - the EP almost feels like an afterthought of the LP, taking similer musical ideas and streamlining them around a singular concept that is expressed through one fluid composition.

If Passages caught your attention or you have any interest in dark and menacing crust, Solace is a must listen. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that its briefness leaves me wanting more. Tempest is easily the best band I know of currently playing this style of music, so do your thing and support. Physical copies of Solace are not yet available, but you can stream it here with the option to buy digital copies. Passages also has a full stream here. SUPPORT.