Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flesh Lite - Demo

New scum decaying out of Winnipeg, Manitoba with a member of recently deceased Sex Basement. Demo brings you four tracks of dirty noisy punk straight from a broken mans suicide note. Think the Jesus Lizard doused in Bleach.

We only have a handful of these so you can contact me at if you are interested in obtaining a copy.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013



Arts - Thousand Years of War (Youth Attack)
Bamodi - Smell Heaven (Tenzemen)
Bitch Prefect - Big Time (Bedroom Suck)
Boy Friend - Egyptian Wrinkle (Hell, Yes!)
Cellgraft S/T (digital release)
Cornigr - Relics of Inner War (Final Agony)
Crazy Spirit S/T (Toxic State)
Drowning Horse S/T DLP (Heartless Robot)
Grinning Death's Head - Golden Dawn CS (Youth Attack)
Infinite Void S/T (Poison City)
Lust for Youth - Growing Seeds (Avant!)
Daniel Menche - Guts (Mego)
Mount Eerie - Clear Moon (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
Reverse Baptism - Street Business (Anabolic Dimensions)
Zelienople - The World is a House on Fire (Type)

EPs/demos/splits etc.

Absum/Odz Manouk 7" (Rhinocervs)
Axis of Light - By the Hands of the Consuming Fire CS (Mordgrimm)
Black Church - Heaven's Temple Fails to Rise CS (Bleak Environment)
Carved Cross - Demo I MMXII CS (self-released)
Council of Europa - Bound '88 CS (Strange Rules)
Cremation Lily - Votive Mirror CS (Strange Rules)
Desgranges demo CS (self-released)
Gaunt demo CS (self-released)
God Harvest/Cogs and Sprockets 7" (Tackhead)
Jane Harris - Misery Cares CS (Meupe/Badminton Bandit)
Hoax - 2nd 7" (Youth Attack)
Natural Assembly/Cremation Lily - Nothing, Everything Hidden CS (Strange Rules)
Negative Reinforcement - At War with Hardcore CS (self-released)
Rectal Hygienics - Even the Flies Won't Touch CS (Depravity Label)
Redflesh - Raw War 7" (Video Disease)
Rule of Thirds demo CS
Sex Basement demo CS (self-released)
Stillborn Fawn - Abature CS (Bleak Environment)
Tollund Men - Door 7" (Bleak Environment)
V/A - Port Out, Starboard Home (Posh Isolation)