Wednesday, April 20, 2011

God Harvest - Demo 2011

Last month a band previously unknown to me released their first demo and have already, to whatever extent you wish to fathom, affected my life. Listening to it over twenty times does that to a person. I’m yet to own my own copy of the tape, but you can be sure that I’ve played the shit out these mp3s.

The demo goes for a little over ten minutes and its six songs are packed full of unrelenting grind with touches of both powerviolence and metallic hardcore. It’s a perfect mix, and God Harvest execute it flawlessly. While there’s a lot to say about this demo, ranging from the engaging songs, fantastic vocals and killer riffage, what I liked most about it was the overall sound. This demo sounds real, and when I mean real I mean it sounds authentic, organic, and not fucking shit, which is exactly what grind should sound like.

Because the tape is really short, it’s okay to play it 6 times in a row – what makes me so positive towards it is the fact that you actually can play it six times in a row without being bored, not an unimpressive feat. Download this and give it a listen – if you like grind or hardcore, it will be right up your alley. Then go buy a fucking tape.



  1. all i've been listening to for weeks. and to get technical, this is their second demo, but the first to get an actual release. apparently they recorded something back in 2008/9 but then broke up so it never got a chance to see the light of day.

  2. oh right, I didn't know that. I'm assuming some of the material on it might've been the same as on this one.