Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Column of Heaven - Ecstatically Embracing all that we Habitually Suppress

Noise is the bastard?

Canada's The Endless Blockade has given us a fair few years worth of material to ponder in our dingy record dens, but this doesn't necessarily mean the blockade has come to a close - as the name would have us believe, the noise is indeed endless. Column of Heaven is an offshoot of the Endless Blockade, or in the words of the band, 'the new post-Blockade group', and they have recently released their first demo tape, called Ecstatically Embracing all that we Habitually Suppress.

Andy from the band states on his blog that 'When we were talking about starting this band the original idea was a loose "Like Blockade but with more noise and less hardcore; more weird shit." This release definitely isn't "less hardcore; more weird shit", at least not to my ears. The future may be different, but we'll see what that looks like when we get there i guess.'

His expression of Column of Heaven's sound is pretty accurate - Ecstatically... sounds a lot like Endless Blockade, but the band have in some ways suffocated the hardcore/pv aesthetic with more noise and power electronics. Obviously this was an element in Endless Blockade's sound too, and so I don't really hear much of a notable difference. The intro song 'Altars' and several other tracks on the demo encapsulate the foray into noise remarkably well. Rather than listen to my shitty descriptions, you can listen to the intro track as well as see its accompanying video here.

In my opinion this demo is nothing but good news. It carefully fills in the void that EB has left, and from the looks of it Column of Heaven are going to be taking the project into a different direction, one which I anticipate thoroughly.

You can listen to the demo entirely on youtube at this link. Alternatively, you can download a (high quality) digital version from the band's blog, where you will also find links to purchase it (though I'm not sure if there are any physical copies left).


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  2. I'm quite digging this COH sound..
    I wasn't a big fan of the Endless Blockade but this is quite good.
    That Video on their blog is quite crazy and it shows how far they are willing to go with that transcendental vibe.

  3. pretty good. Don't like the vocal though.

  4. picked this up at my local distro didint even know what it was now i kno *_^