Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is Indie Dead?

It is a question that tantalizes both fans, who perhaps secretly fear that it is, and haters, who possibly suspect that the answer is no. Let us explore this notion with this year's best offerings according to me.

10. The Moondoggies - Tidelands

Alternative-folk outfit from Seattle who first caught my attention with their bizarre name. I felt compelled to find out what kind of sound a moondoggie makes, turns out it's rather pleasant. Glad I found this little-known gem.

THE MOONDOGGIES - It's a Shame, It's a Pity by Triad Publicity

9. Surfer Blood - Astro Coast

I think people like to bicker about this album more than they like to listen to it. Which is a shame. It's a totally inoffensive little throwback to nineties surf-rock with vocals that are reminiscent of eighties new-wave and I like it. Floating Vibes is far and away the best track.

Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes by HighVoltageMusic

8. The Love Language - Libraries

Dreamy indie pop record. Makes me happy.

Heart To Tell - The Love Language by musicismyhappiness

7. Lost In The Trees - All Alone In An Empty House

It was love at first listen with this 'folk orchestra'. I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something a little different about this lot. Freak power.

Lost In The Trees - Walk Around the Lake by Lost In The Trees

6. Broken Bells - Self-Titled

Danger Mouse and that dude from The Shins got together and gave birth to this delightful piece of music. I shall take this indie-pop baby and raise it as my own. Since this is only their first-born I expect great things yet to come.

Vaporize by Broken Bells (MySpace Transmissions) by thalgyur

5. The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt

Take into account I'm a Bob Dylan freak. Now take into account I haven't been particularly fond of Kristian Matsson's previous offerings, you could say I treated them with nothing but hostility and contempt for no good reason. I wanted to hate this album. God-damn impossible.

The Tallest Man On Earth - King of Spain by MusicForBears

4. Local Natives - Gorilla Manor

Technically released in late 2009, so I'm holding it back a grade. This means I've managed to relentlessly dig it ALL year therefore it must be something special. It's my bottom bitch. Do you know what I'm saying?

Airplanes by Local Natives by infectiousmusicuk

3. The Black Keys - Brothers

You already know what I think of this album. It's a slightly new direction. Some say too polished. And while I begrudgingly cling to the past like an infant incessantly suckling the teat of Rubber Factory I dare say this really could be their best so far.

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You by MMMusic

2. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

I'll be the first to admit when I got my grubby little mits on Suburbs I huffed and I puffed about how disappointed I was. Bad fanship. Time to eat some humble pie. This album is fast becoming my favourite from Aracde Fire and despite taking home the silver, I believe in the years to come it will be my definitive album of 2010 for deeply-nostalgic, highly-personal reasons. Gross.

Sprawl II - Arcade Fire by Tot Somerset

1. The Morning Benders - Big Echo

The winner because I listen to it so often and so loud that it will probably leave me with substantial hearing disabilities but by god I'll say - it was worth it.

The Morning Benders - Excuses by yvz

Conclusion: Indie is not dead, but God certainly is.

Note: I purposely left The National's 'High Violet' off the list because everyone at RYM relentlessly continued to jizz all over it and quite frankly who knows what hideous diseases those people have...

happy new year.