Monday, August 8, 2011

The Dada Tapes

From the outset, Perth, Western Australia's music scene seems sparse and uninviting, even to people who live here, but with enough dedication one will uncover a thriving and genuine underground, in a plethora of different styles and genres.

Perth has two main centres, being Perth (the CBD) and Fremantle, a port town. In terms of record stores, Fremantle has two well known ones (Mills and Junction Records), as well as a couple of second-hand stores. The city has a few more, such as 78 Records (shit) and a few new ones I'm unfamiliar with, but the best of the bunch is easily Dada Records, a nondescript store front with a huge collection of different types of stuff. As I've found out, the store is quite involved with many of the city's 'experimental' bands, and has released a tape of various live recordings from a collection of Perth bands.

The artists I'm familiar with on the compilation (Royal Vomit, Mental Powers, Gilbert Fawn etc.) all provide a really great song each, but there really isn't anything remotely bad here. The songs range from soft folk/ambient to more outlandish and noisy experimentation, as well as more rock-oriented ones (as well as a hip-hop track). The comp is entrancing from beginning to end, and highly recommended.

Thanks to Reel Muzak for posting the link up. The tape was limited to 200 copies and is probably long sold out, so this rip is all latecomers such as myself have to go with.


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