Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dirty Beaches - Badlands

Without a doubt this will now offically be my summer hangover record; in my opinion it's one of those love it or hate albums. Dirty Beaches offer you nothing more but a record do absolutley nothing to and it feels great. The only thing wrong here is that it's length does do the album justice as the album is not even a half hour long. After its completion the listener should feel lost and miserable and if you do not feel this way you are most likely not a person and probably a terrorist. Another thing Badlands could be criticized for is it's originality; the bassline from "A Hundred Highways" straight from Les Rallizes Denudes' song 'Night of the Assassins' but it's not like we haven't heard that bass line before in any other Denudes song anyway, it is time to get real. There are couple others worth mentioning but I just listened to the album again and i don't feel like doing anything anymore.



  1. 'summer hangover record'

    just what i needed

    except it's winter

  2. hopefully u will get snowed in then u can listen

  3. fucking loving this

    it's like if bowie was a crackhead and lived in his own shit