Wednesday, November 23, 2011

S4D#1 Still Available

Just a quick update for all you followers - S4D#1 sold out sometime ago but these three distros still have copies available:

For the US:

God Harvest Bigcartel

For Australia:

Coffin Cuts (WA)
No Patience (SA)

If you missed out and want one, hit up these guys. God Harvest have some sweet shirts available, so pick one of those up if you can. Coffin Cuts and No Patience have extensive catalogues, check them out too.

Plenty of copies of #2 left - order at


  1. Hey, i just saw on the coffin slave forum you bought the internal rot 7".
    I have it too but it seems that nobody bother to rip it. maybe you can rip it & post it here!

  2. my turntable doesn't rip vinyl unfortunately. a friend of mine does however, I'll have to ask the band if they're cool with it though.