Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scorpion Violente - Uberschleiss

Here's a little "synth pop" for you guys. Always thought that calling modern bands that use analog synths and a little noise experimentation "synth pop" was a little strange. Nevertheless, these are some great tunes. Fuzzed out analog synths dance on top of almost garagey/grimey beats. The beats are very strong in this music, they really give some songs the umph that is commonly missing amoung peer artists that take a minimalist approach (Lust for Youth). While LFY is one of my current favorite bands out, Scorpion Violente, with their more aggressive take on synthpop, set themselves apart from all of the cool shit currently coming out of Denmark and Sweden.

The beats do become repetitive, however. The title track is a perfect example of this. The beat isn't bad, it just can't sustain a four and a half minute song with only minor variations. There are several songs here that would be better off if a minute or two had been trimmed off.

The vocals may be an issue for some. Its typical of post-punk: moaning and reverb-laden. Newcomers might be turned off by the style, but if you listen through the whole record, they are easy to adjust to and you might actually end up liking it.

Overall, this album is refreshing. The more aggressive style (like some contrepoison tracks) makes it stand out against the other projects that are currently cranking out cassettes on posh isolation, ark tapes, release the bats, utmarken and avant!.

http://www.mediafire.com/?xhg86oy2sqtcibl (Scorpion Violente)

P.S. i'm also including a 7" by His Electro Blue Voice entitled "fog". This release isn't really representative of their discography, as guitar is the prominent instrument used here. However, it's pretty fucking cool. If anyone comes across a link to their new ep "dead sons" (its got more synth and a touch of noisey filtering) it would be great if you could post it. Below you'll find a link to their bandcamp where you can stream all of their releases.


http://www.mediafire.com/?xdbrnnkjx4wow8b (His Electro Blue Voice)


  1. yeah i haven't listened to this one yet, LFY is too good and i will binge on them forever. but going to grab this.

  2. Haven't listened. In new orleans for work, and just commented on the picture after a night of walking up and down bourbon st getting trashed. I'll check it out when I get back home.

  3. @count, yeah dude, i totally feel you on lfy. theyre quickly becoming my most played artist. just something about them that is so addictive. trancelike, but poppy. WAR is also really fucking good, i listen to them almost as much. played my "god made flesh" cass probably 20 times in the past week

    @grimlin, whoa dude thats a pretty cool and acceptable reason for not listening. what job do you have that enables you to get trashed on bourbon st? i've been to new orleans twice, second time i was sleep deprived from driving straight through the night. sleep dep + whiskey + strippers = memorable experience that you can't quite recall. make sure to get some gumbo there duder.

  4. Gumbo is good, but I'm an étouffée lover, and there has been some stellar crawfish étouffée here, of course. I work in weatherzation, aka helping people save on their utility bills. Here for a conference about various aspects, but the nights are ours, and my hotel is on the corner of bourbon, so yeah, drunk. Strip clubs are cool and all, but I have a big problem with giving money to women that only get you primed. That said, gonna drink some more and try to find someone not in it for the $. Lays for days