Sunday, February 26, 2012

John Flannelly - Spaced

from the label:
"Proving the power of modern audio programs as tools for composition, "non-musician" John Flannelly channels the spirits of retro space-travel without ever picking up an instrument, save for a simple synthesizer on select passages. Created almost entirely with the free program Audacity, Spaced presents sounds alien yet familiar, retro yet full-frequency, obnoxious but curiously intriguing. While coming off as seemingly schizophrenic at times, the songs bounce back and forth between explorations of planetary surfaces and a lone spacemans thoughts seamlessly, weaving a unique journey into the lo-fidelity of outer space."

basically a tripped out, lo-fi NES influenced by Tangerine Dream

i was lucky enough to get the last in print copy at TD's CD's and LP's
(Bloomington, IN readers of this blog, if you don't support this establishment, shame on you!)

download for free (or donate) in any high quality format you want at the labels bandcamp

Auris Apothecary - the Marketplace - AAX-040: John Flannelly - Spaced


  1. this is really interesting. i didn't quite get into it from an aesthetic perspective, but i love the imagery behind it.

  2. did you order the two new tapes kitch?

  3. got brainwave saturation at a local shop and ordered pusdrainer.


    did you also manage to get one of the cremation lily / natural assembly tapes?

  4. so you live in indiana? weez neighborz

    yeah, i ordered a blue copy of bs and pushdrainer. it'll be my first tape to cum in a condom=D i did get both new strange rules tapes too.

  5. yep, just moved to bloomington about 8 months ago. before that i lived in terre haute.

    where do you live?

    i didn't get venus reciever but got all 4 tapes from the batch prior, which were all very awesome.

    i think infant might be cremation lily's best output yet.

  6. lincoln illnois. it's a special town. it's touched. it'd ld

    yeah, infant's pretty great. it's more dark and sinister, which is always welcome. makes me curious as to what's on the split. just one song to na's 3, so maybe it'll be a longer one

  7. pusdrainer came today

    i got the orange condom, i guess the color was randomly selected

  8. mine came today too. my condom is green, and it's even already lubed, so i don't have to worry about spitting on it before i shove it into my deck

  9. loool

    i think its one of, if not the best, harsh noise releases this year so far