Monday, March 5, 2012

SMM - Context

An "ambient" compilation by Ghostly International that I picked up blindly a week or so ago. The faggots over at pitchfork are calling this "post-ambient" so... yeah. Whatever, this album features some artists that readers of this blog may be familiar with (the Fun Years, Aidan Baker), and a whole host of others that I didn't know. This album is more on the minimalist classical side of ambient music, there aren't a whole lot of drones or enveloping atmospheres here. Instead, careful, minimal melodies and the silence that dwells in the spaces between the notes creates a very varied "feel". Sometimes uplifting, sometimes despondent, sometimes poignant, sometimes soothing, this compilation has a lot of different motifs, but doesn't sound like a mish-mash. The tracks are very well sequenced and flow together. If I didn't know it was a comp, its believable that this is all the work of a single artist. Kudos to Jeff Owens at Ghostly International for curating this work. This is the kind of record you put on at the end of the day, and kind of leave behind everything that happened.

As for what SMM means, I don't know. GI says that its "an unknown acronym used to evaporate the already-unspooling musical boundaries between classical minimalism, electronic and drone composition, film soundtracks, and fragile imaginary landscapes." I'd say that's a good description, but it doesn't capture the feeling of this record. The emotional imprints that these sounds leave are as powerful as they are varied.

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  1. valeu, tava procurando esse albúm mas não encontrei pra baixar