Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assimilation Album Launch

Assimilation is performing its first show this Saturday night, which will also be its 'album launch'. If you're located anywhere near Bloomington, Indiana, definitely hit it up. Entry is $5 donation, plus there will be a number of Assimilation cdrs available as well as a few copies each of all currently available S4D releases.

Here's the facebook event with more info.


  1. hmmm, if i didn't have to work at 6am on sunday, i'd probably consider the 4hr drive. alas... you really going to this berkay? saw you said you were on fb

  2. haha nah, i am most definitely not going. even if i got onto a plane now i wouldn't make it in time =P

  3. but you'd be traveling back in time. i know it's friday there now, but we still have a couple hours of thursday left. well, maybe just one in indiana. time traveling from aus is probably pretty $$$ though