Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leucosis - Pulling Down The Sky

Well being no stranger to the current black metal greats that are sprouting up anywhere you can name in the United States I can pretty much say that the USBM scene is dominating at this very moment and you don't even know. Whether it be the cult phenomenon BTC (Black Twlight Circle) or all your favourites in the Cascadian Black Metal scene, or all your limited cassette demos you collect; it's for certain the US is on top. After all this you can only laugh at any subhuman brave enough to call out the current USBM scene. True Norweigan Black Metal.. more like True Californian Black Metal.

Leucosis hails from the sunny lands of Santa Cruz, CA; also sharing this place one of my current favourites Fell Voices and being told the two were very much similar right then and there I am sold. They both share an overwhelming amount of atmosphere and give such a relenting crush after every single riff has been inflicted upon you. The band being described as 'ambient black metal' may be a little unsuitable for me because when I think of ambient black metal I immediately think of bands like Xasthur, Leviathan, maybe some Darkspace. This is how i seperate my good from bad so Leucosis you can stay out of that category.

Immediately right after the 'Opening' has passed you are visously pulled into the massive title track. Distancing shrieks and howls are heard beneath crushing riffs that almost seem to fly from every direction. This formula continues throughout the album and at times get very overwhelming. Right after the crushing assault of 'Approaching Lucidity' you are quickly given a short breather into 'Intermission' then whirled into the calm soothing intro of 'Invention of the Monsters' but to soon find out you are back to where you started. 'Hymn to the Forest of Pixels' provides another breather for the listener as it prepares you the mammoth 'Incarceral Form'.

Being an hour something long album may be a big deal to you, but the way all the tracks are done and the little intro's and outro's provided everything perfectly works out. I found myself just in a trance half the time by their powerful blend of atmosphere and doom. It's one of the more impressive black metal albums i have heard this year being up there Ash Borer's latest output. It's another band you can gladly add to your list of current greats in the USBM scene.

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