Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post-Punk/New Wave Bullshit

You won't find any Pornography or Unknown Pleasures here. These are just some of the lesser known (but great nonetheless) albums of the eighties post-punk, new wave scene.

The Sound - Jeopardy (1980)

Forever on the cusp of notoriety, The Sound never achieved the fame of such contemporaries as The Cure, Wire etc - a fact that never ceases to perplex fans. I pin it down to their somber follow-up 'From the Lion's Mouth' which to some is considered genius but to me came off as just another mellow Joy Division derivative. However this charged, anxious and edgy debut is worth seeking out. Elegant and charming in it's simplicity.

And Also the Trees - Virus Meadow (1986)

Deeper, darker with a tendency towards the more dramatic, in other words it teeters on the edge of the gothic realm. Chock full of angst, Simon Jones tends to recite his lyrics like poems rather than sing them. If you like your post-punk a little theatrical and with a side of anguish this is the one for you.

Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth (1980)

And now for something completely different. Delightfully minimalist post-punk with gorgeous female vocals. This album, the only the band ever released, is a true gem. Do yourself a favour and get this one even if post-punk isn't exactly close to your heart. Sounds like The xx eighties style.

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