Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pharaoh - Pharaoh

Three piece sludge band Pharaoh from New Jersey, USA have kindly sent their self titled 7" in to S4D, and what a 7" it is. Two 5-something minute tracks make up this record, each of them toying around with sluggish tempos, bludgeoning riffs and vicious vocals. What I like most about Pharoah however is that while they retain their label of 'sludge' in every way, they bring an extra element of ferocity - not all of the sections of these two songs are simple down-tuned punishment.

At times the band will venture into almost crust-like territory with a slight hardcore edge. As anyone into sludge will know, there is a great deal of cross-over between the two, and this generally works out really fucking well. You know what this sounds a bit like? Dystopia. A little more sludge-based with slightly deeper vocals, but this is something along those lines. Anyone with a hard-on for Dystopia, or for similar bands like Sea of Deprivation, or pissed off crust bands like His Hero is Gone, or for the dirty fuzz of shit-kickers like Grief or Accept Death, then you will like this. In other words, if you've got a good taste in music, then Pharaoh is for you.

This 7" is available for purchase from A389 Records. Feel free to download it here. The band have stated that there is another record in the works for later in the year, so watch out for it.

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  1. Good shit... i like this new wake of dark hardcore (as some say). After the end of Cursed (one of my most fav and dearest bands) it became hard to fill that hole Cursed left. I'm also diggin' the new Anion "Manolete", Young And In The Way, Enabler, I Need Closure, Low Places, Runes, Virgin Witch, Baptists.. Cheers!