Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lycus - Demo 2011

Lycus were a completely random discovery, though I'm pretty glad I found them. The band formed a few years ago and after some gigs and a demo, disbanded in 09. So what do? Obviously move to San Francisco. Once relocating, Lycus was back to life, and now they've put out another demo, aptly titled Demo 2011, and it kicks a lot of arse.

In tagging this post I almost included 'funeral doom', but eventually decided against it. Lycus play death/doom, quite structured and heavy akin to certain European acts along the lines of Ataraxie or Ophis. Elements of melody exist, but not so much as to call them melodic death/doom.

The demo has three reasonably lengthy tracks and each of them are really captivating. There is zero meandering here, which is a sure sign of good doom. Another notable feature of the band is the vocals - the most guttural of gutturals, they weigh heavily on the atmosphere.

As a demo, this release is fantastic. It gets me wet even thinking about what Lycus' next record will be like. You can stream the demo from their bandcamp page, as well as download in your choice of FLAC or 320k mp3. I'm not entirely sure if there are physical copies available, but if you want to find out, you can email these delightful chaps at

Lycus bandcamp

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