Thursday, June 2, 2011

Host - Demo 2011

No matter what style of music it may be, UK scenes have always eluded me. I know little about them other than 'big' bands and random underground groups that gain recognition due to being signed to a reputable label or just becoming 'known' on the blogosphere. But like any scene, I'm sure there are a 'host' of good bands being overwhelmed by a horde of shitty ones, but fortunately for me (and subsequently you) the band Host belong to the former.

From Leeds, this group play a form of dark and sludgy hardcore - the band themselves call it 'downbeat'. I'm not sure whether that's a British thing or if I've just not caught onto the term, but I don't really know what it is. Regardless, it sort of makes sense.

The three tracks on this demo clock in at a total of about 8 minutes, and it's ideal for constant replays. Faster-tempos morph in and out of crushing riffs with some really vicious and bitter vocals. I was told along with the submission that this is for fans of Cursed, Trap Them and Magrudergrind, but I'd also add Hatred Surge, Iron Lung and maybe even Dystopia to that list. There are probably lots of bands that sound a lot like this, but that doesn't mean anything to me because this demo is as visceral as it needs to be, and has me hooked.

If you've already figured out what this sounds like, you should be able to guess if you'll dig it or not. It's an amalgamation of two of my favourite genres, and it's done really well. Any fans of sludge or hardcore should check their demo out. I'm already waiting for new material.

host - demo 2011


  1. not entirely sure where you can get a copy, your best bet would be to contact the band