Friday, June 10, 2011

Moonbeams - The Daisy Chain

All great shoegaze/dream pop boils down to an exercise in utter time distortion. This debut record from San Francisco indie outfit Moonbeams is no exception. Their particular brand of slow-motion pop with its psychedelic guitar and swirling percussion is an atmospheric delight. The lazy vocals have a rich, warm resonance that pours over each track just like honey. All of this culminates into an introspective sonic storm, the ebb and flow of which lulls this listener into a state of timelessness.

So what sets the Moonbeams apart? The right amount of fuzz on the needle. The lo-fi aspect isn't forced for the sake of it but genuine and natural. Despite the fact they're up there floating around in the clouds, you can't accuse them of being aimless. A good sense of balance and direction prevents this record from drifting too far and losing sight of the listener. The track order works, the titular song which comes four tracks in is a stand-out for me, as is 'Ultraviolet' around the middle and the final track 'Eternal Life' drives it home nicely. I have no major criticism of The Daisy Chain and I'm not going to burst this bubble with trivial nitpicking. It makes you reminisce for the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain without drawing unfavorable comparisons.

The Daisy Chain will be released by Hop Skip Jump Records on the 17th of June.

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