Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bad Braids - Arrow and Orb

While you're all still delving into Wreck and Reference's EP, here's another Music Ruins Lives record that will undoubtedly interest you. Bad Braids' EP Arrow and Orb is a collection of six intimate and enticing folk songs, making up a captivating twenty minutes of introspection.

Arrow and Orb is a simple record, eschewing complexity in the wake of honest emotion and placid contemplation. Even through its simplicity, it still took me a while to properly digest Megan Biscieglia's music. While it's clearly charismatic, the mixture of pop sensibilities and somber folk on the record is almost hypnotic, leaving the critic in me somewhere far away from Biscieglia's voice.

Folk music is about personality, and it's about emotion. Arrow and Orb demonstrates both of these plainly, which ultimately becomes its affecting quality. It sounds just as much like everything else as it does nothing else, an unwavering sign that this project does not need to cater to unestablished and whimsicial folk tenets to write a good song - Bad Braids is simply heartfelt folk, meant to be felt from your heart.

You can download the EP from Bad Braids' bandcamp page for a price you choose.