Thursday, June 9, 2011

Balcony View - Balcony View

What happens when a trickster binges on ambient, drone and folk music and is then given a guitar and an instrument mic ? - Balcony View, that's who. Some of you may remember Trickster, a contributor on this fine blog in its formative stage, but unfortunately this fine specimen had to leave us, and actually became a real person, going to college and not really posting on the internet. Balcony view is proof that he's still Trickster deep down inside.

To quote the musician himself, 'everything's done using guitar and vox, recorded through an instrument mic i hooked up to my laptop, no synthesized shit'. This is pure ambient music, closely following the footsteps of one of S4D's favourites, Aidan Baker. Gentle ebb and flow on tracks like 'Skyscraper' are positioned alongside folky songs such as 'Cold Wind'. As Aidan Baker would put it, this is 'drone-folk' of the Scalpel variety.

The two long songs, 'Skyscraper' and 'The Coming Storm (And Its Aftermath)' are simply epic, with a wall of ambience enveloping the listener. What I love most about this as an ambient album is that it often strays from the generic ambient template. Listening to 'The Coming Storm...', one cannot miss the very bluesy guitar solo towards the end. It's something completely unexpected but sounds fucking great.

Ambient music is easy to make but it's difficult to make properly. Balcony View is easy to listen to and revels in its simplicity, but one can tell that thought and care has gone into its composition and arrangement. Trickster never leaves anything up to chance. Highly recommended.


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