Sunday, October 16, 2011

Auris Apothecary Sampler #2

Hey bitches, this is kitsch. The music I post is different.

Auris Apothecary is a DIY label based in Bloomington, Indiana, USA that releases, punk, metal, avant-garde, noise, drone and the like in very limited quantities and with very unique packaging. Whether you think its pretentious or adds to the aesthetic of the music, one can't deny the creativity of packaging a cassette in a recycled library case with a library punch card that holds the liner notes. In addition to oddball packaging, they also release obscure formats, such as a loop of reel to reel tape, a 17" lathe cut made to be played at 17 rpm, and floppy discs. One such release this summer came wrapped in dried sunflower leaves with mysterious “magical seeds.” Anyway, you get the idea. Its the kind of stuff that hipsters would eat up if they could stomach the auditory “variety” that this label releases. This “variety” is nicely captured in their most recent “Sampler #2.” For every lo-fi indie bedroom jangle and autumn emo anthem there are also jagged and piercing power electronics, shrieking black noise and “samples of torture victims.”

This variety makes for quite an uneven listen. Just when you get in the groove of a nice indie song by The Constants or Fair Fjola, the next track blasts in with a scream of feedback from the likes of Dante Augustus Scarlatti or Torture Corpse. The tape isn't completely random, however, the label did a nice job of establishing a flow with the extremely eclectic array of material at hand. The poppier stuff tends to be at the beginning, and the more noisy and experimental songs populate the latter half. There are some nice transitions, too, where the minimal synth of Pendra Gon fades nicely into the layers of noise in Rob Funkhouser's track.

The point is, most of the material is excellent stuff. If you are familiar with the kind of label that has the tag line “We exist because fuck you” you pretty much know what you're getting yourself into with this compilation. Everything on the label can be purchased (cheaply, I might add) on their website

This sampler is available to download there for free.


  1. auris apothecary tapes are awesome. too bad the nes tapes are all sold out...

  2. i know! most of their sold out stuff you can find in bloomington (where i live; where the label is based) in local record stores. havent seen that one anywhere. i havent checked, but you might be able to find it for download on their bandcamp.

  3. i'm glad this label is getting more attention because fuck you

    anyone who likes the torture corpse track should check my ultra mega cryptic post below;)

  4. i heard they planted a bunch of those nes tapes around bloomington for people to find randomly.

  5. grimlin, i hadn't heard that band. you have like 5 links, is it all one album or is it a discog? ill check it out later tonight.

  6. discog. releases are in chronological order. the auris release is the latest and last on the list