Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Violent Pink - The Propaganda of the Deed

Sooo, my gf bought me this (she's awesome) along with the 2x Cassette In Currents. Both rule, and I'd say that In Currents is a little better. I'd upload them both, but my ripping abilities suck ass at the moment. As soon as I get a rip that does the record justice, I'll post it here.

Now, Violent Pink (Tyler Keen) produces some very tight, rhythmic and layered noise. On most tracks, you'll find slowly oscillating drones of static, whirling sine-wave synths that are "syncopated" with jagged rhythmic bursts of feedback. "October 19, 1977" and "Attacks" are the most archetypal examples of this. One stand-out feature of this release are the vocals. Completely distorted beyond belief, wretched, writhing, hateful, desperate; they're simply some of the best screams I've heard in any noise release.

The album is also mixed very creatively. The main components (screamed vocals, voice samples, noise/static drones, feedback, synth) are brought to prominence/buried appropriately across the different tracks. Sometimes the synth and vocals will be on top and most prominent, other times feedback and drones prevail. It definitely keeps things interesting, which is important with a somewhat limited sonic palette.

Point is: get this. Violent Pink is one of the best emerging noise artists in 2011.

Since this is from my personal CD collection, I can upload a lossless high fidelity copy that I use for my music library, but I have to split the album into multiple .zip to get around the "free" uploader limit, so I won't unless it is requested.

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